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$495 Independent WebSite IDentity
Five complex pages
present information
in depth.
These examples started with 5 pages
and have since expanded greatly.

Links To Examples Are Below - First, A Brief Intro Regarding Multiple Page Sites
As you publish more than three pages, other opportunities become available which further enhance your site.  A perfect example is this page that you are reading.  As you will note, it does not appear on the left navigation link, but as a link within the WebSites & Price Table, or the smaller tables at the bottom of  certain pages. 
We did this for reasons which we will briefly discuss...
NAVIGATION:  Navigation is the term for getting around a Website.  Obviously, ease-of-navigation refers not only to the initial effort to get to a page... BUT THE ABILITY TO RETURN TO IT when desired, if it is not bookmarked.  No doubt you have visited pages in other sites which you could not easily find when you wanted to return to them. Though not meant to be obscured by the site designers, they are.
So, NAVIGATION is of concern as a site grows in page length and number.  There are techniques to assist:  "Top"  "Back"  "Home"  "Next"  buttons help.  As does opening a new browser page rather than replacing the existing page.  And of course a separate page call "Site Map" where each page is not only indexed, but linkable, provides precise site slaloming.
Further complicating Website navigation with respect to delivering a coherent message is the fact that there really is no controlling visitors through the site
as they have the ability to randomly pick and choose pages. 
Fortunately, there are ways to at least guide the visitor.  If you arrived at this site from the site you were exposed to the use of arrows at the end of each page's text to lead you to the next page. Here is the site again, if you wish to view the site.
Example... Basic -- Our site
In essence, what the site represents is a PRESENTATION... one which could have as easily been created in PowerPoint and presented as a download.  However, if a visitor does not have Powerpoint, they could not open it. And, this starts to demonstrate the "beauty" of clumsy HTML.  HTML provides a standard... however loosly interpreted by different browsers... which delivers the site holder's content.
A more complicated site is the one below where there is much information and many more pictures to be presented.  This is typical of sites which grow over time.
Returning to a point made in our $95 Examples... The Herd re-emphasises that any one page can be a meaningful 1 Page Site.  The WCW Home Page, when broken-down to its elements, offers a lot of information on one page.
Another example is a reunion site which The Herd manages on a turnkey basis.
This renunion site is a special purpose site which is linked through the classes main site  The purpose of this site is to inform classmates, rapidly update them to changes...and importantly... to link them together...not just before the reunion, but as an ongoing network afterwards.