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WWWID Sites 
Your Web IDentity Site is a completely functional site
that needs no embellishment to be effectively
convey information and seek responses. 
The services and fees below are referred to as Optional. 
It is our opinion that they are just that. 
The Herd recommends that you establish your site
before considering any further options.
In determining a package rate for our WWWID Site
we deviated from our below marketing rates to provide
an extra value incentive to get you on the Web.
Essential WebSite
Our $95 Essential IDentity hosting is FREE and FREE of ads.
However, it is not your personal account as mentioned in the rates.
Therefore, The Herd must perform all maintenance at a fee.
Notwithstanding, you will have a specific web address
that will direct to your site
If you start with the $95 Essential ID Web Package,
there is a one time fee to convert your existing site
from our community site to your personal site.
Conversion provides you complete control
allowing reduced dependence
and maintenance.
Independent WebSites
$4.95 / MONTH
One can get a private ISP account free, but, it will have ads.
To eliminate ads, the ISP charges a minimum of $4.95.
Your upgrade, if desired, is with the ISP.  We make $0 
Additional WebSite Construction
$85.00 / HOUR*
Page Design / Layout / Programming /
Photo Scanning / Logo / Photo Clean-up / Restoration
Search Engine Registrations
Optional Website Maintenance
There is no standard fee since companies' needs vary.
Many companies will update sites weekly, even hourly/ daily!
E-commerce adds an entirely different dimension.
Maintenance Agreements include more than error correction. 
They include  Links Updates / New Links
Graphics / Photo /Text / Updates
Consultation On Exisiting WebSites Built By Others 
Existing WebSite Evaluation & Audit Regarding
Content / Navigation / Images / Layout
Suitability to Purpose and More
with Written Report  
Web-Centric Marketing Consultation & Creative
The Herd and Goose provide a full range of marketing consulting services
designed to help get you, or your company, to market in a better fashion.
Our Web-Centric Consultation looks far beyond the physical construction
of your present website to evaluate its impact on the entire company.
Hourly Charges Are Based On Actual Time... Not Rounded Minutes