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"Straight forward.  Clean.  Done on time.  And, easy to update thanks to Trellix's Site Builder"
"Interesting use of simple design. Tailored looking. Just what I needed to get started."
"The Moose/Goose team know their marketing. And they know how to use a Website to help my business.  For the money, it's a tremendous value."
"Your approach was more than I would have ever considered.  You're not "over-the-top," but you certainly don't mind climbing very near it.  Thanks for expanding my thoughts."
"When I finally decided to get a website, that's what I thought that I was going to get.  I got that and much more... marketing lessons.  Great job!"
"I called you because a Yellow Page salesman was attempting to shake me down for a $110.00/month site with a year commitment... and a need for an answer immediately. ( The usual "book is closing at five oclock" trick. )  While we were on the phone, you debunked that pitch and pressure, hooked me up with the URL that I wanted, and even knocked out a temporary single page site until I can catch up to you!   In less than an hour, I went from the Third World into Cyberspace.  It's weird.  I owe the unscheduled website to the Yellow Page sales guy whno didn't get the order."


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