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Everyone Needs A 12 Step Program!
You Can "Go It" Alone... Or Rely On Us
If you don't already have a Website, consider that there just-might-be-a-"problem!"  ;-)
You know, there are as many personal reasons to have a Website as business reasons... there's just more money to made through the latter. And, we've eliminated all barriers to your acquisition with our Essential IDentity Site.  Low entry cost.  Ease of implementation.  A meaningful Agreement that protects your investment.  Your guaranteed testing period backed with our Exclusive Maintenance. Your ability to assume the site maintenance (available only with Independent WebSites) -- if you desire --  to keep down costs... or together, we develop a Custom Maintenance Agreement designed to serve your need and budget. Finally, of course, you have the Herd, who brings careers of marketing experience to your site's development.
Audit your existing marketing mix. 
Determine where your Website will fit.  If you haven't considered your marketing mix... or are even uncertain whether you even have one, we can help you.  Even if you are an individual, with an employer, you have a need for a personal portal.
Set reasonable expectations for your Site.
The Web is a great resource... but, it is not a business lifesaver. Though Internet e-commerce is now growing exponentially, the main thrust of exisiting Websites is content. For now, the Web is still a "pull" marketing environment with e-commerce less than 5% of total retail sales. 
Outline what your site should be and what you want it to be.
Make a point to view some competitors' sites.  If you don't have access, Go to your local library.  Most provide access.  Or, call a friend.  Hey, what are friends for?
Get the best developer and server possible, especially if you are starting off.
Do your due diligence, ask friends and associates.  If they haven't heard of us, have them call us on your behalf.  Just don't go with any youngster... yours, a friend's, or a relative's.  Not only is "youth wasted on the young," but Website dollars are as well. This isn't a "knock" on youth; we champion it!.... It's just that youngsters haven't had the opportunity to acquire business savvy.  Websites are about molding a visitor's perception and preference through content. first, and then all of the flashy whiz-bangs and do-dads that attract youth. In business Websites, "Content is still the King!"  If you visit a Website in which there's a "SKIP" button on the Home Page, you know that your viewing flash without meaning other than artistic value. 
Develop metrics.
The numbers of visitors to your site is one proof of success.  But, number counters don't tell the whole story. "The Story" is ultimately told by the increase in traffic to your business, in your following, if you are publishing or blogging... and directly, or indirectly, in your revenue.  The Herd would rather see you attract just 1 visitor who turns into a client than 1,000 visitors who clicked-off without further interest.  For this reason, The Herd encourages metrics through meaningful tactics, such as special sale announcements or coupons, over visitor counters.  Further, when we first publish your site, rather than showing your savvy on the Web, the counter betrays your newness... otherwise, someone's tampering with the counter.  To paraphrase a now common expression.  Don't Tell... Visitors Don't Ask!  Their time visiting your site only has meaning to them... at that moment, unless your site convinces them to stay or return later. 
Provide interesting content, not just advertsing. 
Give your visitor a reason to return.  Static websites are like movie re-runs... once seen, there's no reason to return. So, update content often.  Sales!...  Articles from other sources!... Interesting links!... New pictures!...  All are easy additions which require little labor, yet provide great benefit.
Consider your topics, graphics, and purpose. 
There are ways to sell concepts and intangibles.  For example,: These non-theatening tips that we're providing prove the point.  The way we figure it, our life will go on if you do not heed them.  So we freely give them.  You have the same type of information to share.
Keep your site current with new information.
Gather information, determine whether it is current and to your purpose.  Edit it for a "fast read" with a link to details.  Use colors to direct attendion.  Info eclipses style.  People have become "impatient" viewers... an impatience born of TV sound-bites, of one-second scene changes in TV ads, video games, and fast screen refreshes from dedicated workplace computers. People who were born 30 years ago already have 20+ years of PC experience. Today, people scan screens the way Evelyn Wood Reading Systems taught people how to scan paragraphs... eyeful at a time.
Crosslink with others to build more traffic. 
External links are good, but they can send your visitor to some other site, not to return.  Seek crosslinks to have traffic enter your site.  Strategic partners and associations are a good places to start.  Crosslinks also improve search listings. 
Promote your site.
Plaster your domain name everywhere... even on your underwear. (CALVIN KLINE, JOCKEY, BVD & FRUIT-OF-THE-LOOM do... so that when guys bend over or squat, they expose the top of their underwear providing free "billboard.")  Seriously, place your Web address on all printed and ad materials.  Think about it... ever-changing areas codes, zip +4 codes,  weird address, and impossibly long phone numbers are are now replaced with ONE INTERNET NAME, known as a URL, for Universal Resource Locator,  Imagine, even if a prospect forgets everything about you, but your URL... and your site has "contact" info... you are not "lost," like those poor souls who drive around in trucks lettered with no area code infront of their telephone number. ( H-e-l-l-o... Area Codes are not optional! )
Stay abreast of functional Web trends... not technology, per se. 
There are very complex sites now on the Web.  As we all have seen... the Web is used as a front-end interface to even your credit card statements, electrical bill, insurance claims, etc.  These are very sophisticated sites.  But, fear not!  They serve a different purpose from the IDentity WebSites, about which we are focusing.  The first step to building any business or practice is to make people aware of your exisitence.  Hopefully, that's why your still reading our message.