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Our Sites
Repeatedly Provide
For The Buck!

Let's List Just Some Of The Ways
Provide Info - Sell Products - Get Feedback - Transfer Knowledge
The Herd and Goose have worked with numerous individuals
and organizations from a variety of industries in many ways.
Web Strategy & Integration
Site Architecture & Navigation
Custom Content Development
Content Scheduling & Management  
Webcentric & eMail Marketing
Ecommerce Additions
Search Engine Marketing
and now
Joint Venture 

Build Your Identity & Awareness of You
You are the sum total of your experience.
Build awareness.  Created a perception. 
Expose your talents to the world.  Afterall,
wasn't that at least one of the purposes for
all the education, exposures, corporate moves,
stress and sacrifice which you undertook to
"better" or "round" yourself?
Publish A Newsletter Within Your Site
Your site can provide information about your business, or optionally about information of value to your targeted visitors. Fresh content is the glue for retaining visitors.
Serendipitous Discovery
Strange though it may sound, many sites get visited by chance. And once the visitor arrives at the site, s/he notices that your site was a serendipitous find.  In fact... you offer just what s/he has been searching for.
On-line Browsing For Customers
Let the customers see your products, even if they are not for sale online, but only at your retail location.  Consider these display benefits: 
Full color...  No problem...
Full size... No problem...
Change a picture... No problem!
These costly "mechanical" tasks melt away
in the digital world. 
Customer Service & Education
Create a list of most often asked questions
and answers and build a  FAQ page.  Include
general and technical information, prices
and procedures if warranty work is involved,
list of your retail & service centers, etc...

Announce Up-To-The-Minute, or Private Info
Let your customers know about your new product line or service and other new developments about your business... As mentioned elsewhere in this site: If your own a restaurant... and your pot-roast is about to go south... with a site (and perhaps email) you can alert your clients of the "private" special that you are about to offer.
Press Releases On-line
Save time by putting your press releases
on-line. The Internet will reach a much wider audience than with conventional press release mailings.  Publications now preferelectronic releases.
Customer Evaluation
Create a form that customers can fill out.
Develop your own database of prospects, their readiness to buy, and interest in your ancillary products.
Survey Customer Opinions
Test out new products or ideas and receive direct feedback from your customers.
Investigate New Market trends
Market research and immediate feedback from customers are invaluable ways to plan your product development.
Create An On-line Forum
Customer loyalty will result from an Internet forum developed for users to exchange ideas and useful information about your business...  Today, there are several methods to foster online communications... the most recent, Weblogs, commonly referred to as BLOGS.