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Bull Moose Reflects

Bull Moose Reflects
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Reflections Looking Forward

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(c) Mark Picard
Leading People From The Woods...  Into CyberSpace
Over 20 Million Business And Even More Individuals Still Need A Guide
Seemingly forever, The Herd has fused leading cyber technologies, building businesses and promoting people, . It's been a real trip, once considered a tad un-hip... yet, now cool... and always an education.
As agents of change, we've witnessed cybermation's successes from its adolescent years. We've also seen the missed expectations, costly churn, and dead-ends of technology's ever changing nature. So,  we're skeptical of hi-tech hype, preferring functionality over fashion.  But, having sold the power of online computing decades ago, we can assure you of two things about the Internet / Web:
1) It's not hype, though many Web stocks were until reality set in.
2) Its impact rivals that of steam, electricity, and nuclear energy in transforming  our society... and indeed the world. 
As pioneers in the successful use of telecommunications approaches for marketing big-ticket items,
we have developed a special expertise in applying the compounding effects of all forms of "tele" -- or remote as translated from Greek -- media communications of which the Internet / World Wide Web is by far the latest and greatest medium for promoting people and building businesses.
We've also witnessed, without exception, that "the effectiveness of any communication systems is limited by the separate, yet interdependent qualities of the transmitter, receiver, and medium."  These words are Goose's high-brow way of honking that once again...
The Weak Link Theory Rules
Communication is only as good as its weakest link.
And to our purpose, we're talking about promoting you, your business, or your cause,
through the medium of a WebSite IDentity.
Thus, The Herd views the production of Websites as the logical extension and blend of savvy marketing with improved cyber technology to build awareness, perception, preference, and purchase... all of which is made critical TO YOU by the fact that this communication medium is no longer a strategic advantage, but an individual / business necessity.
 "You Snooze, You Loose,"
Like it or not, there is wisdom in this old -- perhaps even trite -- expression.
For today... not a distant tomorrow... the Web has created a new, expanded business community
 without borders, regard for size, years in business, and even capital resources.
As our $95 WebSite Package proves...
it takes very little money to professionally publish
your basic message & contact info WORLDWIDE! 
For the above reasons, I know that the Herd -- and of course beloved Goose -- can lead you out of the woods and develop your World Wide Web IDentity.
P.S. Read how Yours Truly saw the Internet's birth, but once missed the vision, too!  Click Here 
Today, The Herd and Goose work with numerous individuals
& organizations from a variety of industries in many ways.
Web Strategy & Integration
Site Architecture & Navigation
Custom Content Development
Content Scheduling & Management  
Webcentric & eMail Marketing
Ecommerce Additions
Search Engine Marketing
and now
Joint Venture