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Frequently Asked Questions
There are no dumb questions... just dumb answers.
The Herd's aren't that.

Q.  How long does it normally take to build a web site?
A.  Actually, there are two phases to this answer:  The first phase is the gathering phase... that is... collecting or creating the material and graphics which will be become a part of the site.  Thus, this phase depends greatly upon the CLIENT's past and current collection of such material... or desire to create new materials.   Thereafter, the second phase, actually creating the webpages and site from these material, depends on the complexity of the site layout navigation, links, pages, backgrounds etc. 
Q.  What materials do you expect from my company to complete the web site design?
A.  Brochures, logos, photographs, existing documents, product descriptions, business cards, etc. are all recommended resources to use. For individuals or new businesses, we will help you identify materials.  We can scan pictures, logos, depending on the quality, plus text depending upon the layout.  All other text must be sent as straight text files.  This is best accomplished by sending them via email as text -- not attachments.
Q.  What should I pay for a starter Website?
A.  Frankly, this is the wrong question!  The question is how much should it cost for your starter Website?  And, our answers are stated at $165.00 and $395.00 for "Indentity" and "Basic" sites that are completely developed, published, and documented to the level which will allow you to make text changes as you desire. You can pay a lot more than this amount.  There are obliging vendors!
Q.  My friends did pay a lot more than $195.00 Essential Indentity site, and $295 / $495 for an Independent Site. Were they robbed... or are your selling a "semi" sites?
A.  Perhaps & NO!  As for your friends' sites... your friends paid more than they should have if they got our Custom Select Site, or less.  Then again, they may have gone from the "Third World to Cyberspace."  This can be costly.  After reading this page, visit their site.  You'll be able to form a judgement.  On the second point, you are not getting a semi-site.  Your site will represent you very well.
Q.  So, is this a Moose "loss leader?"
A.  No.  It's true that you're not going see any Moose sprouting a rack of golden antlers at this price,  (and Goose won't be laying any golden eggs, either) but neither do we have intentions of losing money. That's detrimental to the building of a quality site.  Further, our fees regarding your Custom Select Site are scaled to get you up and running, for we know that once you experience the Web, you will see the future possibilities.  Perhaps you will retain us for your next step... perhaps you won't.  Either way, we promised on our home page to lead you out of the woods into a new marketing meadow.  And we will.  We know the way.  Having led others in many media, we're sure of the path.
Q.  My teenager(s) says that s/he can develop a site for less.  Possible?   
A.   We're certain that she/ he / they can.  If you feel that this is best for your business, you should up their allowance and have them go-for-it.  But before doing so, you should also ask yourself why they are not already your VP(s) of Biz Development.  A Website is a medium... not the message!  And, hopefully, we just delivered ours.  But if we've failed, then you should redouble their allowance and make them VP's as well as Webmasters.
Q. What causes these differences in Website development prices?
A.  Content, technical complexity, messy logos, the buyer's unpreparedness, the perceived value of the developer... and the list is unending.  Also, some developers host sites. This provides them with recurring revenue which as we all know is a "wonderful thing!"  Still, without hosting sites, we Moose 'n Goose deliver an unbeatable value. 
Q.  What's preceived value got to do with it?
A.  It's the Timex vs Cartier watch example.  Both have quartz movement... Both deliver accurate time.  All things being equal, you'll never be more on time with a Cartier than with a Timex.  But, if it's important to you that when you do arrive someone exclaims "What a mahr-r-rvelous watch!"  you might consider leaving the Timex at home!  All kidding aside (and we must because more and more people now use their cell phones for time), there is always a huge difference between the basic cost of functionality and the preceived value-added piled on top of it.  It's a human psychology tied directly to Maslow's hierarchy of needs.  Ralph Laren understands it... as do all advertisers in Town & Country, Architectural Digest and every other "coffee table" publication.
Q.  So?
A.  So, we're delivering accurate time at a practical price. Call us Timex if you must... but you will always be as "on time," as the Cartier owner.  And, remember, we chose our name... We're Cool Moose and a Reclusive Goose.  When we decide to go boutique-ish on you, bet that we'll become "Some Pretty Graceful Gazzelles and a Stealthy Swan."
Q. How can all sites of the same class, say the Essential, have the same price?
A. This answer is very simple.  We made it so!  Since we believe in the printed price schedules, we assume that it's our responsiblity to anticipate all of the factors so that there are no questions or problems.  You may detect every now and then that we seem a little hard-lined about certain things.  Good observation!  We are. The very disciplined approaches which we teach clients... we also use on them!  Setting expectations, showing examples, off-handed cajoling about limits, such as our patience in correcting a bogus photo, work to deliver our value on budget, on time... all the time
Q.  Is there maintenance required after designing and hosting a web site?
A.  In truth, all websites are "works-in-progress."  They should evolve for two reasons:  To reflect your actual changes... And to keep visitors returning to view fresh material.  Depending on your business, the first changes may be numerous and could require daily maintenance.   Otherwise, as your business evolves, it may require some things to be added, deleted, or modified.  If there is not much change in the business from time to time, the maintenance will also be minimal.  For the maintenance, you may provide it via the  easy-to-use tools which are provided... or you may desire that we do under a separate agreement.  It's your choice.  The Herd's goal is to make you as independent as you wish to be without needing to become a webmaster yourself.

Q.  If I already have a site can you help me improve it?
A.  First, we will determine what has brought you to the conclusion that your site needs to be improved.  There are many reasons why sites fail... One is missed expectations which have nothing to do with the site itself... Another is just poor use of, or reference to the site, per se.  Thereafter,  there are two answers.  Yes, we can review a design and recommend redesign, or suggest additional content to an existing site.  However, whether we desire to get into the exisiting code... with the existing hosting... is a matter which we would have to evaluate.  It may be best for you to have your existing developer make the changes.  It is important to remember, that The Herd is a collection of marketing moose, not techie moose, who may be inclined towards different goals.   We each have our strengths... and many times with Websites, the teaming of these strenghts best delivers the best site
Q.  No hosting fee?
A.  Yes... and No.  Your site is free if your allow it to be advertiser sponsored.  If you wish to remove the ads, you will pay from $8.00 (basic site on up (complex site) per month.  We make no money on it.  It's your choice.  We never forget our real goal with you:  To get you online with a very functional site for as little cost as possible.  We believe that from there, you'll know when to take the "training wheels" off of your site.  
Q.  Suppose Lycos ever decides to discontinues hosting service.
A.  Well... Lycos has not only been a stalwart throughout the growth of the Internet, it has survived where others have failed.  Secondly,  there are many choices, as your site is written in HTML which is the basic common language of the Internet.  So you can go anywhere with the content code, tabels, and most do-dads.  Perhaps another free site... or one with a modest hosting charge.  It may be possible to duplicate the shell style exactly... and if not, very closely.  MOST IMPORTANTLY. your content, photos, graphics, and links are yours... and are stored on your computer or at the minimum on a CD as hard copy back up.
Q.  Do I need to have a computer to host or maintain a web site?
A.  No.  Your site will reside on nationally based computers which are protected from all forms of disasters.  While it is technically possible to do, we would not recommend that you host your site on your PC.  HOWEVER...  you should have at least a secure email to which visitors may send directly from the site.  Of  course, you will list a telephone number for people to call.  But,  in reality, most visitors to sites prefer to click an link and dash off an email.
Q.  Seriously, were it your money, what would you advise regarding my getting a Website... in general.
A.  First, we've always maintain that everyone should have a site.  Doctors.  Lawyers. Indian Chiefs. Professionals. Businesses.  Trades.  Individuals    And secondly, we honestly recommend that you act on our offer.  1) It is clearly defined before you.  2) The steps are laid-out.  3) The prices is known.  4) And, we've taken time to share our mooselike personalities and sarcastic humor. 
  • It will never be clearer for you to act!
  • It will never be easier for you to act...
  • And considering our marketing caliber and initial consultancy
  • It will never be less expensive for you to act...
  • And, it will never be a greater value for you to act. 

As mentioned elsewhere, if you do not act, you should go to Step 1 of our 12 Step Program, for this entire package is far less than daily trip to Starbucks... or even Dunkin' Donuts for a daily java fix!  We assume that if you're reading this fine print you value your business or indiviuality more than this.

Q.  What happens if I discover that phrases are confusing to my visitors or that there are typos, etc.
A.  Now your are getting to one of the real beauties of the Net.  We will change them immediately.  Publishing a website is not the same as printing up 10,000 brochures.  Typos, and structural sentance changes cost nothing.  And if the phone company or Post Office get cute once again with area code and Plus-4 zip changes, this is also no biggie.  Ditto for changing your mobile number etc.
Q.  What are the components of a well designed site?
A.  Basic and dynamic content. Layout, design, and movement through the site. It's functionality to visitors such as e-commerce.  Ease of navigation out of and back into the site. Communications back to the site.  Accessibility / reliability of the server.  Coordination with offline marketing efforts.
Q.  Is there a priority to these components?
A.  Yes.  Websites are systems, so one element is interdependent on another.  Meaningful content and functionality is most important only if a person knows that the site exists; this requires site promotion both on and off the Net.  Once this person is dialed-in to the site, s/he must be able to access it; this requires a relable server.  Then at the server, your visitor must see a page appear within a reasonable time.  Again when the page appears, visitors may need to interact with you to clarify a message or offer.  And on it goes.  So, priorities are actually interlaced.
Q.  What are the  difficult website components?
A.  Honestly, the most difficult component for prospects on their first site is expanding their understanding of the great potential inherent in the Web for their application.    From there... the steps are incremental.