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"A Rising Tide Floats All Boats"
-- Common Logic 101 -- 
 But, Only If They're In The Water
-- Moose Logic 101 --
Business / Professional / Trade / Artist / Individual
Should Have A Website
Despite the constant media exposure about the Internet and Worldwide Web, you may still be confused about it... and its potential.  Then again, you're probably as confused about how long distance carriers tie phone calls together.  Yet, you use the telephone... which proves the point:
You don't need to know about an exciting technology to take advantage of it's capability.
In fact, with the Web, you don't even need a computer to have a solid site...
Though, in honesty, it helps, as you will learn throughout this site.
However, what you do need is a firm that you can trust... one that can help you...
design, develop, promote, and integrate your site into your existing business.
That's where the gangling Herd and waddling Goose get graceful. 
Our Goal
To provide you with an affordable way to get a great WebSite.
We work with you to develop a site which portrays you, your business, image, and style,
plus functions as a vital part of your total marketing mix. 
Hey, believe it.  We may look gangly, but there's nothing awkward about our approach to getting clients to market.  And today, despite the dinasours who only listen to owners of Websites which have disappointed them, a Website can be more important than all your other marketing literature... excepting your business card.
That's why daily, thousands of individuals, professionals, firms,
trades, artists, sports teams, non-profits, advocates,
and even rebels with and without causes are
"Getting Their Act Together... Online!"

Let's Enumerate Some Of The Reasons
Business Is Competitive 
This is a defensive reasons, but one based on reality.  Others are on the Web.  If you' are not, you're at a disadvantage.  End of story!
Concepts Expand 
Like anything else, once you're into a concept, other ideas appear.  With the larger potential market which the Web can deliver, it's possible to focus, or refocus a business, practice, or trade to both a broader, yet tighter market.
Most Local Business Is Now Global
Even if you think that your business is local, it really isn't.  People from around the world move into and out of your area.  They have needs.  And rock-solid marketing provides solutions to those needs.  "Welcoming Vehicles," be they wagons, or otherwise, are a nice touch, but ones which occurs after the need.  In cyberspace, your next client might still be in Europe...isn't even known to you, or by any welcoming committee... and yet, is searching the Web for "relo-info" into your area.  If you're a realtor, this could be house sale... a lawyer,  a closing... a doctor, a patient... a veterinarian... perhaps two baby MOOSE!
(c) Mark Picard

It's A New World
In marketng lingo, until now, it has mostly been "push" selling... You know, salespeople, direct mail, ads, and even blimps to assault you.  With the Web, you must query it... making it truly a "pull" sell.  And this concept is spilling over to other buying.  For instance, soon you'll be creating your TV programming. 
The Old Costs Aren't So On The Web 
First... If you already pay for Yellow Pages, you know of the expense, limited coverage, and linear rates. Yipes, even bold type costs!   All of this is not so with the Web.  A site which attracts thousands, worldwide, costs the same as one which attracts one hundred, locally.  Also, Yellow Pages are 6 months old at print... and remain static for a year.  That's 18 months without a change...  way too long in today's fast paced world.   Second... Regional, national and global media advertising is beyond the budgets of over 97% of businesses.  Not so with the Web.  Good sites of all sizes, if promoted properly, get hits/visitors.  Third... the Web offers rapid, inexpensive alternatives for business.  For example, a four page newsletter with envelope, mailed first-class, costs about $.50 per addressee, or $500 per thousand, excluding any mailing list costs.  The same newsletter could be made available for $0.00 if regular e-mail were used and for fractions if an e-mail service were used.  One needn't be Einstein to compute the cost difference which translates to profits.