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One page can be powerful!
One page can be complex!

Links To Examples Are Below - First, A Brief Intro Regarding 1 Page Sites
Because you're reading this, we know that you've been exposed to at least 1 Home Page... ours. 
In truth, we recognize that you, like most cyber-surfers, have visited hundreds or more Home Pages.  Some are simply intoductory pages... other have modest page / text / graphic layouts... and others are quite complex... (for example our WebSites & Price Page).
Literally, any one Web page which you have ever seen... Home Page or otherwise... can stand alone as a one page site. 
However, not all one page sites are the same. 
There are varieties...
First:  There is the true one pager.  What a visitor sees, they get.  Text, pictures, perhaps a few links, and contact information.  One-pagers grab the essence of  the site holder's purpose much like a synopsis.  
Next:  There is the one page site which is a "portal" -- that is a gateway to other pages, or sites... or both. 

1) If text and images on the portal page link to pages/sites under the control of the site, the portal is internal and really is graphical representation of the traditional navigation bar. 

2) However, the text and/or images link to externally controlled sites all over the Internet in which case the portal is external. 

3) And, external portals can exist as a single page within a Website navigated as a regular page... Also, they can comingle as a hybrid on the same page. 

Confused?  Let's look at a few examples...
Since you know what a home pages look like, there is no reason to illustrate them.  So... let's just look at a few examples to illustrate portals and to stimulate your thinking, because once you buy-in to establishing your "Net" Worth, you will realize the unlimited potential for your personal / professional / cause use.
Below are links from a website -- filed with such portal links --  which The Herd & Goose created, produced, and published as an independent site for the DNC 2004 Convention in Boston.  Our goal was to produce a site that was a valuable resource to conventioners, visitors, media, and others, plus, for the most part, remain relevant past the convention. 
(Currently, some external links may be broken due to files changes at the linked sites.
The site is has not been updated since the Convention though it will soon be
and then republished under the url
Example1:  External Portal within a Website -- This links to Boston Sports
Boston is a great sports city; this page guides visitors to Boston sports.
Example2:  External Portal within a Website -- This links to National Media
Election coverage abounds; this page provides a portable library.
Example3:  External Portal within a Website -- This links to Political Comedy
Political satire conveys popular thought; this page provides comic relief.