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For A Fixed Fee Of Just
We'll Develop Your Essential Web IDentity Site,
And Launch Your Online Presence

The Herd and Goose understand the value of dipping a hoof or webbed foot into the pond before making a splashing entrance. So, we've created our $95 Essential IDentity WebSite.  Though it's a toe-dip, you can be assured that your one page site will be as robust as a HOME PAGE on our Independent WebSites sites.  In a way, your toe-dip is every bit as deep in cyber pond; we just don't dip into your wallet as deeply.  So, the limitations on our Essential WebSite have nothing to do with what a visitor to your site sees, but how your account is handled between us.
Okay, let's talk about you... and your identity in the cyber-pond.
Everyone Should Have A Website!
For reasons too numerous to list, a presence on the Web provides a global medium to accomplish many "things." These include things that are otherwise represented as "Web Services," or as we refer to them, "Web Appliances," since they are single purpose in use... the very definition of "appliance." Think of it this way:  A Website is a open resource... a Web Appliance is a specific tool.
Take photos for example:  There are numerous Internet services for sharing photos. Some cost money...and some even require that the viewer of the photos must be a member. Well, the truth is that photos can be more quickly shared through a website where the viewer need only visit the site to view the photos and "right click" to save the pictures. Further, email size limitations are by-passed in this process.
Today, a website is the core of all communications tools. 
If you are not taking advantage of this medium...
you are making a mistake!
For this reason, we have created an ESSENTIAL INDENTITY PACKAGE to "publish" (this is the term used to describe posting your site on the Web) core information which is important about you.  It's easy to understand, initiate, use, update, and grow.  Though you will be given a free url, using our file structure, we recommend that you have us register your own url which we will direct to your site. 
Perhaps you've read that tens of thousands Web names are taken weekly.  It's true, they are "flying out the door!"  But there are still good names left -- ones that have meaning to you.  So, why not grab one today and use it.
Really now, in the back of your mind,
you're not thinking that this "Internet-thing" is a passing fancy! 
You know some people actually do.  We have such friends.
Oh, they're dear and lovable; but in this respect,
they are lunk-heads!
Steam | Electricity | Automobile | Flight | Radio | Television | Nuclear Power | Satellites...
The Internet
You can ignore it to your peril,  But, ask yourself one question. 
"Where would I be without the other above technologies?" 
You're right, "NOWHERE!"  Can you imagine a life without them. We can't. So we offer you an economical and gradual way to take advantage of this latest technology.
Trust us... you'll be thankful that you did!

It will have
that is every bit as powerful
as the Home Pages of the
Independent Websites 
Then, we will add 1-2 good quality pictures,
if available, plus of course your logo.
Then, we'll add unlimited words
that you provide in a text file, or e-mail.
If we must key-in text, pages are limited
to 250 words.
Then we will dress-up your site
with links, contact information
and a few other goodies
Then, we'll load and publish your site
on nationally based servers... not our friend's.
If you desire more pages, you will upgrade to
one of our Independent Website Packages.
There is an modest one-time fee to
convert and establish an
Independent Account