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To Some Pretty 
Cool Moose and a Reclusive Goose(tm)
"We're The Herd that gets you heard, and that
Imperceptible Goose which gives your business a boost!"
More than mere Web developers,
we fuse active Websites with marketing actions
to build your Web IDentity & "Net" Worth.  
Some people think that we have a clever name;
clients know that we're more clever than it!

If You're Into Athletics,
You're Admonished To
"Just Do It!"*
If You're In Business,
There's No Goddess**
To Admonish
A Gosh Darn Thing!
So, listen to us Cool Moose and Reclusive Goose....
If you haven't established a World Wide Web IDentity,
it's the time to "get-outta-the-woods!"
Some of the best things in life are still free!
And as you click through our site, we'll explain all.
Let's mosey on... and outfit you with a Website! 
( The Herd will lead the way. When the Imperceptible One leads,
even we can't seem to follow."Goose" works best at the rear. )
* Congratulations...
If you have arrived at this site from,
you have taken your first step in "Just Doing It"...  i.e.
establishing  wwwIDentity.
** Sorry, Guys...
If you think that Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and other jocks
are wearing sportswear named after some Greek God, they're not!
Proving once again, that...
"Clothes Don't Make The Man... The Man Makes The Clothes!"
Photo: Mark Picard   
Okay, so you're beyond our offer.  You have a massive, multi-million dollar Website fronting an Oracle database allowing your clients to retrieve hitherto unimaginable back-office info.
Still, you probably know some "Web-Phobe" -- perhaps a friend or relative, who has resisted your Internet admonitions to the point that you've given up. In fact... you promised yourself, spouse, kids, and dog that you would never bring up the topic with this person again.
We know.  We have such friends!
As a gesture of human kindness, use one of your alias e-mail addresses that you have to forward our link and info.  Thanks.
Bull Moose
The Cool Herd never forgets
the reason one moseys along with us is
to become heard... not to just get a Website.
And, Lovable Goose offers more than  
a pinch of truth to this statement.

(C) 2000-Present  John David Sottile