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Joint Venture
The Best Of Both Worlds
eCommerce & Commerce
With the inception of eCommerce, in-store retailing became referred to as "bricks 'n mortar."  What happened next to this retail foray onto the Internet is still evolving. Companies such as Barnes & Noble went online. Amazon started online, never entered retailing, but now has a catalog.  Others dot.coms have remained solely online... operating in their own virtual world.
E-Commerce is shorthand for electronic commerce. eCommerce typically involves a storefront displaying or listing products for sale with a shopping cart in which the visitor places items.  When filled to the visitor's desire, the visitor then continues to the "Check Out" where payment is made via a secured gateway to a payment processor of which there are many.
eCommerce is really not new.  It's been around for over a decade.  While current sales dollar amounts sound impressive, as a percentage of total retail throughout the United States, eCommerce is still a small faction.
However, this is all changing. The industry has gone through its "early adopter" stage and currently sits on at the knee of the massive growth curve which will cause the rapid adoption by many merchants, who are now convinced that the "pioneers" have taken all of the arrows"... and that it is safe for "settlers" to move in.
Technically speaking, eCommerce has come a long way in the recent years.  No longer is it necessary to "twist wires" to make ordering and payment connections. THERE ACTUALLY ARE SWITCHES to turn-on these functions.  However,  numerous questions remain... and the switches are not all equal...or appropriate for all businesses. 
Nonetheless, eCommerce has arrived.

Joint Venture
In addition to the electronic aspects of establishing the "e" in an eCommerce site, there is the Commerce cataloging side, which can be tedious depending upon the product offerings, the number of items, discounts, shipping fees, sale tax, pick/pack/postings, handling returns, etc.
Today, a large number of individuals and firms "cut their teeth" at eBay, the world's largest auction site. Many of the products which entities sell are new retail items offered either at auction - often with a reserve - or at a "Buy Now" price. Despite its perceived economy, not all products offered on eBay are a "buy." Some in fact, are higher than normal retail. Nonetheless, eBay represents "the perfect economy" where supply and demand - at the exact moment of the sale - determine the price. As such eBay has it's limitations.
The above discussion brings us to The Herd's concept of Joint Venture:
Perhaps you have a product, or a small number of products, which fit the profile of the products which are most easily sold on the Internet.  Nonetheless, you are "maxed-out" having enough to handle with either your retail operations and/or manufacturing the product(s).  Further, you neither have the savvy, employ the savvy, nor care to add the savvy to the payroll to undertake an eCommerce initiative.
Still, you want to add eCommerce as a revenue stream.
If the above describes you, and your product(s) are of interest to The Herd, we encourage your EXPLORING the possibility of a Joint Venture, where in essence, The Herd establishes the "e" and you remain committed to the commerce.  Revenue and responsibilities would be split as negotiated and agreed upon via a Joint Venture Agreement which would keep each party independent of the other.
Joint Venture might offer the best of both
the virtual and the bricks'n mortar world.
If you have a product, which you believe could be marketed online,
and want to initiate a discussion, please fill out the form, including any links
where we may learn more of the product, on the  page,
Click open "Request more info on"
and select "Joint Venture" 
We will contact you.