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Cool Moose and a Reclusive Goose

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Web Gems Add Interactivity To Your Site
We always add three to four goodies in every site
Friends, Auto Last Updated, Date & Time Stamp,
Comments Only.  You can add two more.

Add a button so visitors can send an email to their friends telling them about your site.

Message Forum  
Create a discussion board for you and your web site visitors.

Lycos Search 
Add Lycos Search for your visitors.

Hotbot Search
Add Hotbot Search for your visitors.

Forms Gem
Add a form to your site.

Constant ContactŠ, Email Marketing Manager
Build your email database, create and send professional email campaigns and track your results.

Draw attention to a product or hot news item by choosing a callout style from a gallery -- add your own text and pictures and choose background colors.

Appointment Scheduling
Manage a calendar and let customers schedule appointments.

File Download
Add files that your visitors can download from your site.

Auto Last Updated Stamp
Include the date you last updated your site.

Date and Time Stamp 
Display the current date and time on your web site.

Counter Linked with Stats 
Add a counter to your web site and a link to detailed site statistics.

Driving Directions
Add driving directions from MapQuest, the Internet's leading map provider.

Driving Directions with Map
Add driving directions with an interactive map from MapQuest.

Headline News 
Show constantly updated news headlines on your web site.

Animated Cursors
Add text trails, magic wands, and more to visitors' cursors.

Weather Viewer
Display the current weather conditions, forecast, and satellite info.

Weather Magnet 
Display the current weather conditions for the location you choose.


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